Founded in 1872, Cory’s history is rich with community pride. At the turn of the century, Cory was a busy city with a blacksmiths, druggists, general merchandise stores, saloons, hotels and lodges. The railroad, which ran through the corner of town, was the lifeline of the community.

In the early 1920’s, Mr. E.A. Doud started the Cory Orchards and made Cory famous for its apples. Large crowds came to the orchards on the weekends to purchase apples and cider. On Sundays, ice-cold cider, by the glass, was given free.

By 1929, the orchards had grown from 40 to 280 acres, yielding 75,000 to 100,000 bushels per year. The high school basketball team became know as the Cory Apple Boys. After Mr. Doud’s death in 1965, the orchards were sold and eventually closed down.

After the Cory School was closed in 1967, the people of Cory wanted to use the building for a community center. Needing a way to raise money to maintain the building and grounds, the idea of a community sponsored festival was born.

The first Apple Festival was held in 1970 and has been an annual event ever since. The money raised funds the Cory Volunteer Fire Department. (Community and school memorabilia can be viewed in the firehouse.)

The people of the Cory Community would like to thank you, along with the many volunteers and sponsorsĀ for supporting the festival and making it such a continuous success.

Proceeds from the dinners, parking fees, the Apple Stand and the Food Stand benefit the Cory Volunteer Fire Department and the local community. Thank you to all of the people that organize and operate these events.